Nor-Shipping 2023

6-9 June | NOVA Spektrum | Oslo
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Ocean Bottle To Go “Brew”

kr 498,69 incl MVA

Ocean Bottle, 0,5L

kr 498,69 incl MVA

Magclick-IPhone wallet

kr 93,69 incl MVA

Mini Speaker with bluetooth

kr 343,71 incl MVA

Chokolate quatre, Caramel ( carton of1200 pcs)

kr 7.468,02 incl MVA

Chokolate quatre, Dark (carton of1200 pcs)

kr 7.468,02 incl MVA

Chokolate quatre, Milk (carton of 1200 pcs)

kr 7.468,02 incl MVA

Cutting Board, wooden

kr 149,99 incl MVA

Tablet Case- Mint Chewis (carton of 250 tablet cases)

kr 3.162,39 incl MVA

Candy-Supermix (carton of 5 kg)

kr 1.149,97 incl MVA

YEPPOS Flowpack- FRUIT CHEWIS (carton of 5 Kg)

kr 1.378,62 incl MVA

Italian Sausage, 260g.

kr 134,14 incl MVA

Redwine Sausage, 260g.

kr 134,14 incl MVA

Wilderness Sausage, 260g.

kr 134,14 incl MVA

Various Sausages – package

kr 372,60 incl MVA

Victorinox steak knife 11 cm – nylon

kr 106,25 incl MVA
Lene Henriksen

My name is Lene Henriksen and I will be your contact at Strømmes.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding our products.

The products will be delivered directly to your stand at Nor-Shipping 2023 with the written MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity).
Upfront payment in NOK incl. local VAT (MVA) and freight.


  1. Buy your merch/outfit/gifts upfront through this web-site.
  2. Go through the secure check-out and make sure your STANDNUMBER is clearly written when asked for.
  3. Write an email to with your instructions/requests.
  4. IMPORTANT: Vector logo (AI/EPS-file) must be attached.
  5. Lay outs will be returned to your email for your approval after payment received.
  6. Find your ordered items at your Nor-Shipping stand.
  7. YOU BUY- We FIX